When comparing shop quotes, you cannot simply jump to the price summary page and grab the number on the final page. There are many variables to consider that are often left unsaid in many quotes.

First, did everyone quote from the same due list or request for proposal?

Second, are all items accounted for?

Third, are you comparing apples to apples?

Haggan Aviation does its best to provide a full and accurate quote. We want our customers to be as informed as possible, regarding price, before work starts. It hurts a shop’s reputation to come in with a low bid then tack on parts, services and T&M charges after work is completed, giving the customer “sticker shock” at the end of the project.

Do all the quotes list parts? Some quotes actually are presented with no parts. Many quotes from major shops do not give firm prices. Consider the quote below. The parts and labor are not quoted into the end price, leaving considerable room for the shop to add additional cost after work is completed.


If you are looking at a Major Landing Gear Inspection on a Learjet, you know there will be seal kits for the landing gear and actuators. Did everybody quote that? Did they include the necessary NDT inspections? Did they give you any idea as to what the typical repairs will run?

Read the T&Cs! Some quotes have statements buried in the fine print stating, “due to the variation in interior configurations, all interior access required will be accomplished on a T&M basis”. This could translate into over 200 man hours at their shop rate and over $19,000 left un-quoted.

Consider concessions, fuel, T&M. If you are offered 500 gallons of fuel for a job, who actually pays for that fuel? 500 gallons at $5.00/gallon is $2,500. Does the apples to apples quote total to more than the fuel discount?
If you receive a $5/hour discount on T&M labor, is that a real value? Again all other things being equal, $5/hr. discount X 100 hours = $500 If the shop slips back in 6 hours here & there on T&M items he has made his money back.  You are better off to get your best flat rate up front for guaranteed value.

Make a spread sheet (or download a complimentary sheet here) Load all items to be accomplished down the first column. Next make a column for each of the shops being considered. Enter each shop’s labor rate, parts, NDT, services, etc. Remember to look at the T&C’s for additional charges. This spread sheet will ensure you are looking at an apples to apples comparison.

Quote Comparison Worksheet
Download a complimentary Quote Comparison Worksheet by clicking the image.

During your visit to Haggan Aviation the quoting does not stop. All squawk items are estimated prior to work for your approval, managing the cost of maintenance throughout the course of work. Our up-front quoting policy ensures our customers never feel the dreaded “sticker shock” at the end of a job.

If you have more questions about our quoting policy, give us a call at 303.792.0688.  Need a quote, click here to get started!