Haggan Aviation is located at Centennial Airport (KAPA) just south of Denver, Colorado. We are a full service repair facility specializing in Lear, Hawker and Citation maintenance. Our shop operates two shifts with seven day a week coverage., Haggan Aviation offers full airframe, engine, avionics, paint and interior capabilities. Located only a couple of hours drive from the major ski resort airports (KEGE and KASP) we are able to quickly respond to customers AOG needs.

Our commitment to our customer begins before we touch their aircraft. Our policy of no-strings attached quoting assures our customers there will be no surprise costs at the end of their visit.

Quoting Policy

  1. Honest and comprehensive.
  2. Leading the industry in front-end, honest, bottom-line quoting.
  3. Detailed quotes explained to customer prior to start of work.
  4. No surprise costs after completion.
  5. All fees spelled-out in front end of quote.
  6. Consumables and parts billed as needed versus flat fee.
  7. Encourages price comparisons with other shops. Offers comparison sheets designed to educate customers on what to look for when comparing quotes.

About the Founder:

Haggan Aviation was founded in 1996 by Eugene “Geno” Haggan. With over 38,000 square feet of heated hangar space, Haggan Aviation is the largest full service repair facility in the Southwest specializing in small to mid-size corporate jet maintenance.

A licensed aircraft mechanic, Geno built his company based on the simple principles of honesty, communication, quality workmanship, and safety. Principles he firmly believes should be standard industry practices in all repair facilities. Driven by this ideology, Haggan Aviation sets the bar higher, continually challenging its employees, technicians, and customers to expect nothing short of the best.